Dayna Needs A Kidney

A Day I Will Never Forget.

In April 2022, I was told I would need a kidney transplant. To say I was shocked is to put it lightly. After many tests and a few procedures, I have reached the part of my journey where I start looking for a donor. I will be providing information on what it means to be a donor, how to be tested and become a donor, kidney information, and what it's like living with kidney disease. And yes... I will do the "Dayna Way" with sarcasm and a sense of humor.

Everyone that knows me knows Marshmellow, aka Mr. Personality, Mr. Handsome, Butthead. You know I had to include him, hence the kitty up top. I originally was going to title this page #daynaneedsakidneybecausenobodywantsMarshmellow. He gets a bad rap but has become a love bug. He's learned to leave the room while I hook up and disconnect to dialysis, and he has finally stopped mistaking the tubes for danger noodles...aka snakes. That was a mess to clean up!

I am fortunate that so many advances have been made, and I am able to do dialysis at home. I hook up, and it runs for about 9 hours. I feel good for the most part. Some days I'm tired, irritable, and cranky... but let's face it, I was that way before dialysis.

If anyone wants to get tested, please get in touch with me at (516) 361-0466. All information is kept confidential. Please share my information everywhere.

You never know where 'my angel' is.

How You Can Help
Call For Testing Information
(516) 361 - 0466